Jarred Gant
Jarred Gant has been in the technology education field for more than 15 years. Currently the technology coordinator at Wheatland Public Schools, Jarred specializes in network security. Jarred has specialized in working with teachers, and technology experts through his years of work experience. Jarred take pride in being able to serve technology customers in a personable and direct manner. Many people in the technology area have difficulties explaining and servicing the needs of customers who lack experience in the technology field. During his time spent in technology, Jarred has learned how technology consumers have issue with not getting the help they need due to a lack of communication and understanding between themselves and technical support. One of Jarred’s favorite elements of serving clients through all of his technology endeavors is working for customers, and giving customers simple direct answers and solutions to their problems. No scientific or complicated talk, just direct solutions to customer questions. When Jarred isn’t corresponding with customers and fixing problems, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, working on the family farm, and spending time outdoors in the deer stand. Jarred has many interests including hunting, bow fishing with his competitive fishing team, the Garmy Men (Garmymen.com) and attending as many live music events as possible. Other areas of specialization for Jarred include site building, graphic design, video editing, and beard growing.
(660) 723-2953