Run with the big dogs!

Recently, I attended my 2nd year of the 3 year auctioneering programed called Certified Auctioneer's Institue in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a program put on by the National Auctioneers Association for the best of the best in the auction industry. It covers many areas crucial to the rapidly changing and growing auction industry such as salesmanship, marketing, business strategy and structure, as well as internet sales and media technology.

In the business world, no matter what profession your business may be, it is crucial to always stay ahead of the curve. Also, it is just as important to develop a circle of collegues who are most comfortable operating on the razor's edge. Before I began my 3 year training jouney with CAI, the only measuring stick I had was the small handful of competitors in my own market. Now, after broadening my horizons and networking with the best of the best in the industry, I have raised myself and my business to an entirely new plateau. Instead of only being able to see how things are done in my own back yard, I have a clear view of the entire field of auctioneering, nationwide.

We at Old Empire apply this thinking to all of our customers' endeavors, as well as to all of our own. We encourage any business to do the same. If you want to be the best, run with the best!