Printed Media in a Digital Age

It is pretty easy to get swept up with marketing strategies that only include web, email, social media or other forms of digital transmission and overlook good ole’ fashioned printed material. We live in a convenience driven society that loves having information at its digital fingertips, but it has become a double edged sword. Sometimes we can oversaturate with “e-marketing” to the point of our advertising being ignored.Obviously digital marketing catches the most traffic for the least amount of effort, but don’t forget about such printed materials as business cards, brochures, flyers and signage. These traditional forms of marketing are traditional for a reason….they work. A sharply designed logo tied in to a web presence, social media outlet and printed material is a winning combination.

Like most of you, I receive a barrage of emails every day from people wanting to sell me some sort of new gadget or software that promises to increase my potential.  It's easy for me to just hit that delete button or take it a step further and block a sender that floods my inbox. If I’m talking to someone face to face about the services we offer and give them a business card or a brochure, they not only know what our business is about…but they have a physical reminder to leave with.It really is all about diversification. To expect digital marketing to be 100% effective is unfair, as is the expectation that only printed material is all you need. Make sure your business has all areas covered. A website and social media can do amazing things for advertising, but throw in a sharp brochure or even one of those cheap can koozies that everyone always wants and you will be surprised where it takes you!