Local Service for Your Business

Being in the service industry prior to Old Empire as an auctioneer, I’ve got to meet a lot of different people, many of which are in business for themselves in various trades. Something I’ve discovered is that we might all be in a different business; many times we have the same needs.
After having my head filled with aggressive and progressive business ideas from the pros during my 2 week stint in auction school, forward one year to me pulling my hair out trying to build the company’s very first website, (HTML I learned had changed a lot in my 6 years out of high school web design class), I knew that my web skills wouldn’t allow me to build a site professional enough to match how professional I considered my business.
Let’s go to the website store and buy the prettiest site on the shelf… I quickly saw that there wasn’t a business in my bustling home town of 214 residents. All jokes aside, I had a very difficult time finding a person, let alone a company within a 2 hour drive, to build the professional website I envisioned. Long story short, I ended up meeting a stranger off Craigslist from the other side of the state. I was a business professional who felt I had no better option for a crucial business component, than handing over a check to a stranger who I’ve never seen since, and won’t see again. This didn’t sit well with me, but I felt it was the only hand
The site ended up turning out to be good enough, but it went way passed budget and my options for getting good face to face service didn’t exist. This was one of the reasons for the founding of Old Empire. The group realized there is a need for local businesses, competing in a new world market, to have access to personable and personal service, while not compromising quality. People can now find professional service, from professionals that make a point to familiarize with the customer’s business we’re sharing with the World Wide Web.
The entire world, for better or for worse, is spending much more time and much more money online. The fancy brick and mortar storefronts of yester year are rapidly being replaced http://’s. Even worse, web technology continues to increase the rate it pushes the technology envelop faster each day. From the way people use websites, to the way they view websites, what was cutting edge 3 years ago, runs the risk of being a dinosaur today.