Building It Better

How often do we ask ourselves "How can we do it better". When Old Empire was just a pup, we all sat down and put our heads together and started building strategies for our first website ever. Immediately, Chase, the guy who doesn't do site construction begins pitching this elaborate ideas. "What if we have nothing but pictures" he begins with his arms stretched out. "They can constantly fly down from the screen," he proceeds as he continues racing through how this intense user experience could potentially work. I'm sure my eyebrows were raised and centered across my forehead, chuckling inside at how naive he was to imagine such an elaborate yet impossible plan. I waited until he was finished. I then proceeded to shoot about 15 holes in his plan.

As people and users of technology, we become accustomed to working well within our safe boundaries. The way we have done it all of these years just becomes the way it is done. While I work with students at School of the Osage High School, I like to ask them how we can make our school's website better. Inevitably, even their fresh young minds are eager to just fill in content with stuff. When I stop them from proceeding in telling me how the lunch menus are slightly incomplete, they become confused. There is always more content that could be added, but what wouldn't I give to have one of my students tell me that we need lunch menus flying from the top of the page. Not because it is suddenly that realistic, but because I can appreciate someone who can envision something truly greater than what already exists.

As a company, we try and retain the philosophies that brought us to the compromises that became our very first web projects. On every project, I try and pull myself away from the limitations that I have come to understand. It's more than filling in content. User Interfaces are also extremely important. We build a plan for how content is created and viewed. It's more than just about slapping an mobile menu on a page and calling it mobile-friendly. We prioritize what users are looking for when they look at the page. We plan for what we want users to see when they visited the page. How do we keep users clicking to find more? We do that for all types of devices to ensure that a site is truly effective regardless of how it is seen.

So rural Missouri may not be afforded internet speeds that accommodate high definition images flashing across their screens on any device at this point. But they can be afforded some pretty great interfaces to interact with your website. Sometimes making an improvement to something doesn't require a radical overhaul. Sometimes the simple improvements will go a long way. We're not able to provide better bandwidth for more elaborate media on websites. We can help get users where they need to go fast, or see what you want them to see. Let us know if you want us to take a look at your site. We can talk about improvements that we can make and how we can use existing tools to promote your business. The phone call is free!