The Basics of an Online Presence

Building an online presence is a challenging feat. Organizations and businesses approach these challenges in many ways, but with all of the acronyms and words thrown about, it's hard to be sure you're getting it right. The first step in understanding how to set goals with an online presence is to understand what it is that you want available online. Online content can be produced in a variety of different ways, and each of these has their place in the modern internet. It's easy to look at a great website and think how much more legit your business would be with a sweet slider to highlight your news content. You may look at a great social media page and feel like you need to really step up your game to compete on social media. Understanding what type of content, who your audience is, and how they want to receive content is crucial to the success of any online campaign.

Social Media has created a new mold for content consumers in the last several years. The audience is no longer that interested in going to find their news content and feeds. They are much more inclined to subscribe to a social media feed and have all of the most recent information delivered to their doorstep. I for one can't blame them. Working on school websites, I have come to the conclusion that posting news to a school website is bordering on a total waste of time. It looks great when someone goes to look for news, but the audience of that news who we really want it to reach is ready to subscribe via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. News feeds have a new home on social media. Understanding social media feeds and how to produce results through social media campaigns is several articles in and of themselves. The bottom line is that Social Media is your MVP if you want to push out regular updates.

Static content is something that many businesses and organizations require to be available. Whether it is a staff directory, legal forms, or any other type of static document, plain in simple, social media is lousy at managing it. This is where the website comes in handy. When your audience wants to shop online or look for specific forms, they will be looking on your website. Having a solid web presence is more than just a storage location, however. It is a glamorous online billboard if you want it to be. It is also an archive of information, and a hub to reach all aspects of your online presence as well. The extent a website supports business goals and growth typically depends on how much time and money you wish to invest in it. Regardless of how glamorous your site is, don't expect your audience to consistently visit your site to obtain updates. Social media still creates a captive audience for news and updates. If you want to reap the rewards of creating content on your website as a news feed, it is typically a good idea to re-post that content to a social media feed linked back to the article.

Other types of online content content can also be a great asset to your arsenal to promote online. Email marketing is a great affordable way to push out regular updates to subscribers. It also captivates subscribers and enables you to continually connect them. It is a great tool for highlighting the big news of the month or sending specialized information for subscribers of specific types of information.

No matter which direction you choose to look to promote your business or organization, be ready to invest heavily in it to get the most out of it. It is easy to look at social media, and start there because it is free. The reality is that it takes time and effort to gain a following from social media. Chances are that every person who sees how cool your logo looks and how awesome you look isn't going to just hit the like button. Your mother-in-law will be first in line, grandma, the wife and kids as well. To gain a social media following takes effort. Developing a great web presence costs money, or even if you have the skill-set needed to do some basic building, time. In the end, Entrepreneurs understand that getting a business on its feet takes a lot of work and sacrifice. Your online presence is no different