Understanding Innovation

In a world where we believe innovation happens all around us, sometimes we have a difficult time pinpointing a great deal of innovations. Often we look around and wonder what innovations are left to be made. Of course we claim that Old Empire Media Solutions is an innovative company, but what innovations are we responsible for, and what evidence do we have that we are truly innovative? It's actually a fine question, and one that I'm always anxious to answer. Innovating is part of the product that we produce. It's what sets us apart from many other solution. It's something we just love to do.

Human Centered Design Approach

When we approach a project, we don't look to create the same product for every client. We don't have a template gallery for you to choose from. What a site looks like is very very important to us. We want it to be something you can be proud of! But before we begin that journey, we want it to make your life better. I've dealt with many sites that created more hardship than they did provide solutions. Websites are the core of your online presence in most scenarios. The questions we usually ask when we begin our partnership is what can we do to improve your life. Better put, what can we do to minimize your challenges. The website is just the beggining of the conversation.

This is where the innovation comes in. Every business and organization is different. They each face slightly different problems and challenges. Our goal is to resolve those problems with solutions that are specific to your business or organization.

Per Google:

make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

We want to help ensure that the questions that you get bombarded with every day get answered on a web page instead of on 500 phone calls. How can we make your website and social media communicate information so that employees can focus on doing their jobs better? Once we have a better understanding of the challenges each client faces, then we can build solutions and interfaces. We can recommend solutions that create a better product for stakeholders and customers.

The Solutions

We have our favorite solutions that are tried and true and work well. But I'm not a firm believer in any one-size-fits-all approach. I love a good open source solution that provides awesome community support and a strong knowledgebase for customizing an end result. I'm a believer that sometimes, knowing which paid platform makes sense to use for a specific job is valuable. You can't be good at everything. I'm skeptical of any company who will tell you that their solution is best at everything you want to do. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to custom build a solution to fit your needs. In the end, it is our approach to solving problems and our strong background knowledge of different solutions and technologies that enables us to bring forth the best solutions.

Partner with us. Let's innovate together!